NDIS Policies and Procedure


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a niche and regulated industry that provides individualised, life-long support to Australians who are born with or who acquire a significant and permanent disability.

Clear policies and procedures is the driving force for all providers to ensure exceptional services are provided to the NDIS participants. These policies help the providers to ensure that their services manifest quality. To this end, NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission established in 2018 to regulate NDIS providers and to ensure provider compliance.

It is mandated that all NDIS providers maintain an exhaustive list of documents that are called ‘Policies’ and ‘Procedures’. These demonstrate that the provider has processes in place that comply with the NDIS Practice Standards.

The distinction between these terms are often blurred in its everyday usage across the industry. However, the primary difference is with regards to how it is enacted


Policies detail how certain things are expected to be carried out. They draw a basic framework on all specific modules of interest.


Procedures define how the Policies will be implemented. The inspiration here is to translate intentions to action.


It is important that every provider has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that ensure they meet the quality standards set by the NDIS. It aids in providing quality and safe service for people with a disability, their families and carers in the provision of all NDIS services.

Some of the examples are (not limited to the following):

Governance and Management

  • Governance Policy and Procedure
  • Succession Policy and Procedure
  • Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure
  • Strategic and Operational Policy and Procedure
  • Financial Management Policy and Procedure
  • Risk Management Policy and Procedure
  • Emergency Planning Policy and Procedure
  • Safety and Security Policy and Procedure
  • Infection Control Policy and Procedure
  • Medication Management Policy and Procedure
  • Workplace Incident Policy and Procedure
  • Human Resources Policy and Procedure

Participants, Families and Carers

  • Participant Rights and Responsibilities Policy and Procedure
  • Protecting participants from harm Policy and Procedure
  • Decision making and Choice Policy and Procedure
  • Service Access Policy and Procedure
  • Assessment, Planning and Review Policy and Procedure
  • Service Delivery and Participation Policy and Procedure
  • Participant Money and Property Policy and Procedure
  • Positive Behaviour support Policy and Procedure

Early Childhood Supports

  • Client Participation and Social Inclusion Policy and Procedure
  • Parent Carer Engagement Policy and Procedure
  • Best Practice early Intervention Policy and Procedure


NDIS providers are required to create appropriate policies and procedures to reflect the kind of service they intend to provide the participants.

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