Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) refers to a type of NDIS support that assists our clientswith daily activitiesand continuous day-to-day support for people with disabilities. SIL services are provided within a 24/7 weekly basis as this allows our clients to receive the support and care they require at all times. The Supported Independent Living program enables you or a loved one to live as independently as possible while being permitted access to housing, therapies, daily personal care and transportation as well.

At HHCC, our goal inoffering high-quality Supported Independent Living services is to assist our clients and their loved ones with daily living tasks and to help you develop the skills you need to live the life you desire. A number of services which we provide and cover include the following:

  • Developing individual plans to attain your goals
  • Assistance with expense management and payment
  • Help with daily living tasks like shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • Assistance with transportation to meet friends and go to a community event

We have a wide range of properties in and around Sydney that serve individuals with all requirements and needs. HHCC will also support you with other day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Assistance with medication
  • Catching transport
  • Interaction and participation in the community
  • Support for general shopping
  • Grooming services and other personal care

Our NDIS professional team

We are aware of how crucial it is to have someone you can rely on for assistance. Our specialists put in a lot of effort to help the people, and as authorized NDIS service providers, we offer a friendly setting and help with daily duties. Our experts are:

  • Flexible: Our personalized approach to care allows clients power and choice over their support.
  • Qualified: Our support staff members are committed to giving best practice support and are highly trained and experienced.
  • Empowering: We collaborate with you to help you achieve your goals, boost your self-confidence, develop your skills, and foster independence.
  • Sociable and affectionate: We are warm and compassionate, and we will get to know you and your unique circumstances as we build a relationship with you.
  • Approachable – when it comes to your help, you are the authority. In order to provide the finest service possible, we pay attention to you, comprehend your situation, and consider your input.

With HHCC, an enhanced, more comprehensive future lies ahead!

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