Respite/ Short-Term/ Medium- Term Accomodations

Short Term Accomodation (STA)

Our short-term accommodation (respite) and medium-term accommodation are available at all our locations where support is provided on a 24/7 basis. Our well-trained staff are certified within their field of expertise and always aim to ensure that each of our clients are living within safe conditions and enjoy their comfortable stay. This is a viable alternative when a client is faced with the following issues:

  • A crisis occurs
  • Travel for the carer beckons
  • Going through recovery after a serious illness

Medium Term Accomodation (MTA)

Receiving quality care is crucial in ensure your accommodation and the place you are living is of the highest standards especially when the duration of the support care is extended to either 2 to 6 weeks for short-term stay, or over 90 days for medium-term stay. If you or a loved one is looking for respite or long-term accommodation then you have come to the right place as HHCC allows our clients to remain connected with their families, carers and communities through continuous support and exceptional care.

We also provide the additional following services:

  • Housing at an appropriate location
  • Support and care that includes overnight too
  • Meal preparation
  • Community engagement with the provider and you

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